President Obama pushes for Executive Orders on guns

Well, US President Obama, probably for the 12th time [exaggerating but you never know] was on US news channels announcing a wave of “Executive Orders” to help cut down on the killings by guns in the US.

Not surprising The National Rifle Association Party [a.k.a. Republican Party] announced days before the announcement that they would repeal these changes once they controlled the White House – even before they heard what they were. Very democratic of them.

The NRA is the largest gun lobby group in America. They want to protect their second amendment in the US Constitution which gives American citizens the right to bear arms.

It is gone to the point where some states [recently Texas was added] where you can openly walk around wearing a gun visibly for all to see.

The NRA declares that this is a deterrent in crime. But as Obama mentioned in his speech, shootings have increased in Missouri [for example] since the state allowed it.

Some right wing followers have been drinking the NRA “Kool-Aid” where they claim that 80% of shootings are caused by gang violence. In fact it is way lower than that [google it]. Even still, how did many of the gangs get their guns? There are many other false statistics flowing around – mostly probably created by NRA followers.

Some right wingers already believe one of the executive orders will actually take away their guns. This is not true – and against the constitution. More like stopping those who shouldn’t have a gun from getting one.

Do you know you can go to a gun show [or shop on the Internet], buy an assault rifle and the seller doesn’t need a license and the buyer doesn’t need to be “checked”? One of the executive orders will try to fix this.

[Reminds me of the part in the Bowling for Columbine documentary where you can open up a bank account and get to choose which rifle to take home as a gift.]

While some of the mass killings [there is about one a day in the US] were done by people who had questionable mental health issues, this hasn’t stopped them from owning a gun. One of the executive orders will try to address this issue.

It is also questionable why assault rifles are even allowed to be sold in the open. Is the owner expecting the North Korean army to attack the US any time soon?

Although I suspect those Oregon people [are they “patriots”, “terrorists”, “protesters”?] sieged at a government location are expected to be over-run by the FBI or ATF [another Waco] especially after suggesting that they want to overthrow the federal government. Who knows what arms they have with them. Won’t be pee shooters. [Oh. Seems most of the locals as well as the father and son who were the reason for the siege are against it. Looks like the siege leaders have moved from one “struggle” to another.]


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