The Republican Party party

The US Republican nominee race continues to add a lot of questions.

A week or so ago, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton commented that she wouldn’t be surprised if Republican Donald Trump anti-Muslim rhetoric would be used for terrorist propaganda. Turns out it wasn’t ISIS but al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabbab.

As well, there was a CNN poll which said that about 46% of Republican leaning voters with just a high school education would vote for Trump but that drops to around 18% [the same as a couple of other Republican nominees] when Republican leaning voters have a higher education [such as a university degree].

Adding to the “fun” is that another Republican nominee, Ben Carson, lost 3 of his top campaign advisors including his chief campaign manager.

With the primaries starting this month, things should be getting clearer. In addition while Trump has a lead in the current polls, we’ll see if those polls are real.

Many outside of the US wonder what things would look like if – somehow – Donald trump actually became president. Many feel his comments [or suggestions] go too far.

The Republican Party establishment is a bit nervous. His comments are a bit way off for someone who was never a pure Republican.

The elections are 10 months away. At least those outside of the US are happy to know he said won’t run as an independent – unless he goes back on what he announced.


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