Fixing some Windows 10 upgrade failures

Well, with the upgrading to Windows 10 have come some problems. I’ve seen one case of the Windows Update error c1900101-30018. There are others.

In the case of this error, the error occurs just after the installer has copied the files locally but before it does the actual upgrade.

While the procedure should work for this case, it may also work for other cases. Here’s what to do:

  • Uninstall any optimizing software [disk or otherwise].
  • Uninstall any anti-virus, anti-malware or similar software.
  • Do a “clean boot”. This disables any applications and services not from Microsoft from running. You apply the clean boot settings, reboot and then start the upgrade. Click here for more information.

Note: You may get an error or two after rebooting and prior to upgrading. Ignore them.

In some cases you may need to go further:

  • Unplug anything directly connected to your computer except your keyboard, mouse, video cable [if on a desktop], power [of course – even on a laptop] and wired network cable.
  • You must unplug any monitor except for your primary monitor if you have more than one.
  • Even peripherals that are turned off should be unplugged.
  • After the upgrade is a success, plug in one item at a time and wait to make sure Windows picked up the peripherals correctly.

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