What’s new in Windows 10 version 1511

The most significant changes in Windows 10 version 1511 [a.k.a. Threshold2] update are primarily aimed at business users. Included are the following [some will apply to home users]:

  • An option to turn off the telemetry for companies.
  • The Windows Update for Business portal will allow administrators to stagger the deployment of Windows updates to company the company’s devices, which will allowing administrators to create groups of machines that update at different points [for example some may have an incompatibility with a new update] and then later to set specific dates and times when updates can install.
  • Capabilities around mobile device management [MDM] have improved, enabling MDM servers to enroll and configure Windows phone, computers and tablets, and enforcing the latest in-house policies governing usage as well as updates to those devices.
  • A company will be able buy apps in bulk and create their own private version of the Windows Store. This will offer employees apps that are pre-approved Windows Store. Administrator will also be able to assign apps to specific groups of employees. Of course this is valid for devices running the Professional or Enterprise versions of Windows 10 as well as have an Azure Active Directory ID.
  • Device Guard has been added to allow only trusted apps to be used with all Windows 10 devices.
  • Credential Guard will offer additional security for login details by storing derived credentials in a secured isolated container that uses virtualization-based security.
  • The Azure Active Directory [Azure AD] Join feature allows administrators to maintain a combined cloud-based directory and identity management service that will let the company employees have a single login as well as securely synchronize their Windows settings and data across all of their Windows 10 devices. This will be done by linking that Windows machine to a work account managed with Azure AD.
  • Sometime next year, Enterprise Data Protection [EDP] will allow companies to separate work and personal data on devices using containerization file techniques as well as add encryption.
  • Cortana [which comes to Canada and some other countries] will recognize phone numbers, email and physical addresses from handwritten notes [yeesh – even doctors?] on devices. You can optionally book with Uber in the US with Cortana as well as to keep track of event and movie bookings in your calendar and notify you when the event is coming.
  • The Edge browser synchronizes favorites and reading lists across all devices as well as more security and better performance. Included is a new tab preview feature, which will allow a user to hover over tabs to get a preview of an open website.
  • Installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 as an upgrade using the appropriate serial number from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 is possible by beginning the installation of Windows 10 and use the appropriate serial number that matches the version of Windows 10 installing.

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