Is Canadian politics emulating US politics?

Right now, Canada is in the final stretches of a federal election. The elections are on the 19th.

At this time, there is a race to too who will government but not a majority government is things go the way they are going at this time.

With Canada’s election system, it is the party that wins the most seats [there are 330 of them] that gets to form a government with a majority government with 165 seats [well 166 seats actually]. At this time, none of the three major parties will get that far.
That brings to the amount of craziness [and other words] that an election brings out.

It seems Canadians are following the US election craziness. Between the parties themselves with the not so truthful comments to the people in forums who are drinking too much political Kool-Aid. You would have one party who’d claim that if another party is elected they would remove a child benefit program when the other party is actually modifying the program so the money goes to those who need it – not the rich [who don’t].

Or maybe someone in a forum says that 80% of Canadians agree with something the party is doing, but if so why isn’t that party hitting 30% in the polls [and where did this so-called 80% came from]?

Ya. Too much political Kool-Aid.

It is a bit interesting to see three parties go at each other [instead of two in the US] where the parties have various degrees of support for election issues. So you have one party supporting an issue, one opposing and the third party either going one way or the other or maybe somewhere in the middle.


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