Obama’s little debate

I guess with the ongoing fighting in Syria and Iraq against ISIS, US President Obama has a bit of an issue.

A couple of weeks ago, Russia decided to join the foray by bombing anything that isn’t a friend of Syria and the US coalition of countries.

The problem is that coalition also includes the Kurdish rebels and some other rebels who are not friends of the Syrian government.

So we have the Russians taking out not only ISIS positions but also the enemies of the Syrian President Assad regime – the Russians are doing Assad’s dirty work and Assad gets a two for one.

With the cold-ish war going on between the US and Russian, I don’t think the Russians will agree to not bomb US coalition friendlies.

With Russia’s economy tanking, I am guessing the Syrian regime is paying a nice pile of money of money to Russian to help pay for the attacks.

Meanwhile there are already claims that the Russian bombardments are doing much as a town in the direction of the Syrian city of Aleppo was taken over by ISIS right after a bombardment. In addition, other bombardments weren’t even hitting ISIS targets but abandoned sites. [Who is supplying the Russians with intelligence?]


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