Another senseless mass shooting in the US

Here we go again. Another mass shooting in the US, this time in the town of Roseburg, Oregon.

Again the shooter [who was later killed by Police] came in with at least six guns and brought body armor, ready to kill people.

This looks like religious related shootings as the killer asked students’ and teachers’ religion. If they said Christian, they were shot in the head. If no answer or said otherwise, they were shot in the leg.

Again, President Obama was upset with what has happened. But there is nothing he can do as the Republicans control Congress.

The gun culture is enshrined in the US – especially with the Republican Party where they are backed by the powerful National Rifle Association.

The Constitution in the US says American citizens can own at least one gun but this was included as an amendment to the Constitution.

It was added. So theoretically it can be removed. Good luck to that. Some of the hard core Republicans would proclaim the equivalent of a civil war if the federal government removed or limited their access to their guns.

This is the 41st mass shooting this year. Many have occurred at schools.

There is a killing every 16 minutes in the US.

The killer proclaimed his manifesto. He flunked out of army boot camp in 2008 because he was discharged for failing to meet the minimum standards. He studied mass shooters before becoming one himself.


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