How to do a clean upgrade installation of Windows 10

This blog will give you three options on how to do a clean installation of Windows 10. Each option has a level of complexity.

Note: Back up your data. Take inventory of your applications that you have installed.

Start the upgrade either from the Get Windows 10 application or by using the Windows Media Creation Tool [WMCT].

In the case of the WMCT, run the SETUP.EXE with elevated access in the root of the ISO. Do not boot off the ISO.

Once the upgrade has started follow one of the three options below:

Option 1:

This is the most complex option. Upgrade as normal. Log in with a Microsoft ID to activate and store your computer’s activation information in a Microsoft Store database. Once you confirm your computer with Windows 10 is activated [System applet in the Control Panel], boot off the ISO, wipe the disk and install from scratch. When asked to insert a serial number ignore.

Log in with your Microsoft ID used at the beginning. Once the installation is finished, your computer’s activation information from the upgrade will be used to send your computer the serial number transparently.

Option 2:

Once the upgrade is completed, run Windows Update [located at Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update] to verify that Windows is up to date.

Once up to date, navigate to a recovery [Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery].

Under the option Reset this PC, select the Get started button.

Select the option to Restore factory settings.

Option 3:

At the beginning of the process, you should see a window titled Ready to install. Under Keep personal files and apps, select Change what to keep.

In the Choose what to keep, select Nothing and click on the Next button. When selecting this option, effectively your old operating system, applications and settings will be removed.
Continue the steps to complete the upgrade.

As usual, test first. Use at your own risk.


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