Your Windows 10 computer is feeding updates

There have been a number of privacy issues that have come up since Windows 10 was released. I won’t get into them as they’ll be featured in another blog post [or two].

While Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) isn’t really a privacy issue, it is an issue that some may not know of.

By default, if your computer doesn’t belong in an enterprise domain (where system administrators could disable), the feature is enabled and allows your computer to receive updates from both the Internet as well as other computers nearby.  This would actually increase network traffic on your computer.

If you are familiar, this is very similar to torrents where parts of files on your computer could be used to help others complete their files.

In this case, you could actually be getting updates from neighbors and vice versa. This would actually reduce the network bandwidth use by Microsoft for updates.

When enabled, you can receive updates from Microsoft (always) but as well as a local network (such as others in your household or small company) or the local network plus the computers on the Internet which means updates from people you most likely don’t even know.

Most people will not like the last option. Either they want directly from Microsoft or directly from Microsoft and the local network.

If you set to turn off the feature (not even the local network), your computer will receive updates only from Microsoft.

To do this go to Settings from the new Start menu. Then select Updates & security and then Windows Update (default tab on the left). Click on the Advanced Options button. In the Advanced Options screen, select Choose how options are delivered.

You can choose between local network or local network and the Internet. Or if you move the slider to Off .

If you wish to turn it off permanently (so no one who’s not a computer expert can re-enable), try the following registry fix:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


After this happens, you will see the message “Some settings are managed by your organization” and the option will be greyed out.

See this post on more information, such as you don’t want to permanently disable the feature as well as other comments.

As usual, since this is modifying the registry, use at your own risk. Backup the registry prior to modifying the registry.


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