Grab your Windows 10 binaries!

You can [manually] download the Windows 10 binaries for “offline” installations here or upgrade without having to wait for the reservation.

You can choose the version [“Home” or Professional], architecture [32 or 64 bit], language and media choice. Media choice is either to a USB key [you will need an 8GB one], DVD or an ISO image.

You have the option to even create a dual architecture installation with both 32 and 64 bit binaries. You may need a dual layer DVD if burning to a DVD.

Just a reminder, you can only upgrade within the same architecture. Additionally, if using the tool to upgrade, you just choose the same version level [you can’t go from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 Professional].

One of the links on the page brings you to the FAQ page.

If you intend on upgrading and haven’t received the reservation notice, maybe there is an incompatibility with your system. That is usually one reason why your reservation notice hasn’t appeared.

[2015/08/03 Update:] Microsoft has release an updated version for both architecture. But it still doesn’t fix the “Something happened” message.


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