Some Windows 10 news bits

Here are a few news bits from the news regarding Windows 10.

Akamai, a company specializing in other companies making sure they have enough bandwidth, reported that on the 29th of July, they report that there was a 35% increase in Internet traffic over a typical day.

Microsoft reports that 14 million copies of Windows 10 were installed [I would gather almost all were upgrades] on the 29th of July. At this current rate, which will never continue, 5.1 billion Windows 10 installation will occur in the first year of release.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, is hoping that there will be a billion installations of Windows 10 within the first 3 years of release. Considering the Windows Phone edition isn’t out yet and large corporations won’t be upgrading any time soon [because of complexities], it is possible.

There are no measures, as yet on how Windows 10 is doing, but in July from Netmarketshare web site, Windows 10 preview build was at almost 0.5%. I suspect it will easily overtake Linux [they are all lumped together because it is so fractured] and various Mac OS X versions except OS X 10.10.

Finally, Mozilla [the people who develop Firefox] CEO Chris Beard has complained [make that whine] in a release that when you upgrade to Windows 10, your web browser reverts to Edge as the primary or default web browser. As well, it takes twice as many clicks [he claims] to switch back.

Twice as many clicks? Oh the hardship! Wouldn’t it be easier, instead of whining, to release a simple tool that reverts back to Firefox as the default browser? Even better, leave a note on the Firefox to show how to change the default back to Firefox in the settings – this assumes no message pops up in Firefox asking you if you want Firefox to be the default web browser.

Judging from the reaction I’ve seen, people are laughing at Beard. As of this time I haven’t seen anyone from Google, Opera or others developers of web browsers complain.


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