Installing Windows 10? Wait!

Seems there are numerous reports of even just trying to get the Windows 10 upgrade installation going – let alone issues during or after the upgrade installation.

I’ve had two cases myself. First one has my upgrade for the Windows Insider [testing] failing giving me one of the best messages I’ve seen ever….


I guess you can see the message has a very good explanation. Right? 🙂  I’ve sent off a message in the Insider forum and got back a message that it is a known issue and are working on it. This was from an ISO image I downloaded.

Actually the other message was similar. Instead of using the ISO image, I was using the Media Creation Tool, which allows you to create a DVD, a USB key or save to an ISO image. But it also allows you to upgrade. It failed on a different system before it began with a similar message as above.

As I said, there has been some other issues along the way such as crappy video settings [fixed by getting the latest drivers off the manufacturer’s web site] and upgrading even though the video card wasn’t supported yet.

This is one of many reasons why I would suggest you wait a bit.

Note: The Media Creation Tool can be used to upgrade an installation but if you haven’t seen the Windows 10 icon in your system try, maybe there is an issue. Use at your own risk.


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