US politics Canadianized

I’m wondering if Canadian politics is taking a page from US politics.

The governing Conservative Party in Canada has been recycling various ads in different forma on TV for over a year now. They are aiming the ads at Justin Trudeau, Liberal party leader and son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

The Conservatives have been going after him as soon as Trudeau became leader. It started off with an excerpt of Trudeau dancing around bit like a fool and showed him in the ad the he was immature to be a PM. In fact, the footage came from a charity event a few years before.

Recently they have a [scripted] round table between 4 people, one a senior citizen. They all give negative opinions of Trudeau with one woman actually saying he’s just not ready now [but maybe in the future] – a bit of a surprise there.

One part in particularly said that Trudeau was shown to have said “the balance would budget itself” which sounds a bit odd but was put out of context as the Conservatives failed to include the part of the interview prior to this sentence.

The Conservatives then focused a recent ad on the senior who stated [among other things] that the Liberals would kill the income splitting program [which they said they would because only few Canadians would take advantage of this] and then assumed a similar program for seniors would be killed [that was never announced].

As well in the ad the senior said that the tax free account would be killed, when in fact the Liberals would keep the status quo as it is is right now and not the proposed increase by the Conservatives which would favor only the well to do.

Trudeau is in favor of legalizing marijuana and the Conservatives pounced on it claiming – somehow that it would be sold to children. Meanwhile the government is thinking of loosening some restrictions by issuing fines instead of jail time for processing marijuana.

Of note, recent polls have the rival New Democratic Party in a virtual three-way tie with the Conservative and liberal parties and yet, the Conservatives haven’t attacked [as yet] the NDP or their party leader Thomas Mulcair.

You can find further information, video and source information at and other sites.


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