Microsoft continues to confuse Windows 10 users

Microsoft surely didn’t think about the terms of upgrading to Windows 10 and the Windows Insider Program.

First at one point it came out [or interpreted] that anyone with Windows 7 or later can upgrade to Windows 10 – whether or not the copy is legitimate or not. Microsoft had to clarify that only legitimate [or “genuine”] copies can upgrade for free.

Then it came out that anyone in the Windows Insider Program would get a free copy of Windows 10. They then backtracked this week with further clarification.

Now Microsoft is basically backtracked [or clarified] again by saying you can continue to use Windows 10 after it is released but would be required to continue to get post July 29th builds. Builds after July 29th will continue to be released with new features. This could mean installing Windows 10 from scratch occasionally.

One wonders what kind of exodus will be in the program once Windows 10 is released on July 29th or maybe now especially since there technically won’t be any reward.

Personally I was surprised that Microsoft would offer Windows 10 free of charge to those in WIP.

You can read [and still scratch your head] about the latest news here.


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