To be a publicity hound

Of course we all know about how Bruce Jenner changed [allow me to call it that] into Caitlyn Jenner [well officially] recently. She is part of the publicity seeking Kardashian clan. Her step-daughters – especially Kim Kardashian – are specialists in publicity seeking/hounding.

On the day Vanity Fair released pictures and an article about her change, it was just hours after Kim Kardashian announced. So the step-mother stole the spotlight.

In the meantime, Caitlyn has been quitter busy announcing her change with interviews on TV and elsewhere and a reality series on her change coming up as well.

So Caitlyn has taken a play out of the Kardashian playbook on how to create publicity.

Let’s do a comparison now.

Remember when the Matrix trilogy was huge? The movies were created by The Wachowski Brothers, as they were listed then – Andy and Larry. Well unsure if they will still use that name since Larry is now Lana.

Notice the difference? Lana’s change made the press but barely. Caitlyn’s change got publicity all over. When the Vanity Fair article was released, it was probably in every major publication worldwide – if not on the front page then probably within the first few pages [well except for countries that wouldn’t allow the news usually for religious reasons].

Is it right [or ethical] to crank out so much publicity?

Obviously for a dull normal that decided to do this, family and friends would know and maybe friends of friends. But that’s it. With the greater Jenner/Kardashian family, I guess this is normal.


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