Windows 10 upgrade notice

If you’ve been keep up with Microsoft Windows updates [assuming you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1] then you may have noticed the icon below in the system tray [i.e. somewhere to the left of your computer’s clock]. This should of appeared today.


That icon is telling you that you are most likely eligible to receive a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it is released.

Windows 10 finally does have a release date. It is July 29th.

Now this doesn’t mean you will get it on July 29th. You will have to wait in a virtual “line-up” [or queue]. You will be requesting to upgrade your system the same time as millions of others. And remember, there is hundreds of millions of Windows users [but not all can upgrade at the same time].

You have 2 choices. I recommend option “A” below.

Option “A”:


Problem with a new operating system, even tested fairly well, is that there could still be some small unexpected bugs. In addition, you need to verify whether the applications you have [that didn’t come with Windows] are compatible with Windows 10. The same goes for software for your printer, scanner, etc.

This is why I say wait. You don’t want to upgrade and then find out your favourite application does not work with Windows 10. [Usually because it could be outdated.] Many older applications should work fine. For example, I used in Windows 7 an application that came out before Windows XP. Some won’t work and will require an update or and upgrade [i.e. pay].

One of the issues why Windows Vista got a bad reputation is that when released, many applications weren’t compatible or software for your printer wasn’t available yet. Wait 6 months or so, and they were available.

I am recommending to wait a few months after the release before upgrading [end of September at least]. Even better, wait 6 months.

The free upgrade is good until July 28, 2016. Plenty of time.

Option “B”:

In this option, you will still wait as it won’t be available until on or after July 29th. On top of that, once you go through the procedure below, you will be placed in a virtual “line-up”. This means that Microsoft will only allow a certain number of upgrades per day to make sure that there is no slowness in the download, take note of any issues, etc.

If you double click on the icon way at the top if this message, you will see the opening screen below. You can click on the right arrow to see the various bit of information and links.


If you click on Reserve your free upgrade button, you will then see the window below. As it says, it is reserved, it doesn’t mean you will get the upgrade on July 29th. It could be a day to a week or two or even longer.


You can then request a confirmation, if you really want.

Your system will not be upgraded [when you are at the front of the queue] until you agree to the upgrade. The upgrade requires you to download about 3GB of files [quite big]. If you have a slow connection, it will be long. If you are using a wireless connection, be as close as possible to your router to get the best reception and speed.

If you are not receiving this icon with the next couple of days, it could be because:

• The icon is hiding in the less used/minimized icons.

• You are not running windows 7 with service pack 1 or Windows 8.1. Go to Windows Update and verify.

• If you are running Windows 8 [not 8.1], you can either get the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 or stay as is but get a copy of the installation on DVD when released.

Note: If you don’t want the notification icon, you can uninstall KB3035583, but it will come back.


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