A military laughing stock

Of you want to know how bad the current Canadian government is handling their navy, here is an example.

It was revealed that in order to service the last supply shop – at 45 years old and counting – the HMCS Protector – the navy is now searching the Internet and checking eBay for spare parts.

You read that right.

At 45 years old, the manufacturer has stopped producing spare parts a long time ago. HMCS Protector’s sister ship, HMCS Protecteur, was put out to pasture officially within the past week after it was at least partially destroyed by fire a few years back.

Corrosion issues had begun to compromise HMCS Protector’s structural integrity. It is being patched up with what they have and are waiting for the next part to falter.

The Canadian navy had planned to replace both ships, but the Conservative government pulled the plug in August 2008 as industry proposals were proving too costly for the government to handle. The new program is still up to eight years way from delivering new ships.

Lauren Armstrong, a spokeswoman for Defense Minister, claimed that the navy will be able to carry out operations ordered by the government, both at home and abroad. She added the opposition Liberal party are in no position to be lecturing on military procurement. She claimed that the previous Liberal governments in 13 years only ordered replacements for some helicopter.

Maybe she was forgetting that when the Liberal party was ousted, these same ships were just over 30 years old [and I’m guessing there were plenty of spare parts]. As well, the military did receive from the Liberal governments LAV III armoured vehicles, M-777 artillery, CH-149 Cormorant helicopters, and coastal defense vessels.

The Conservative government has done nothing in the last ten years and even if a new ship would begin to be built tomorrow, it could take ten years for the first ship to set sail. I am guessing HMCS Protector may not be around by then.

In case you didn’t know, another story came out a while back where air force technicians were raiding museums for spare airplane parts.

And not to be outdone, Canada still use the Sea Kings, helicopters that has had a history of crashes and are in the same age group as the supply ships. The same Conservative party complained about not replacing them way back when – but has still done nothing in ten years.


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