May Patch Tuesday: We have a “winner” (or more)

[Update 2015/05/19:] This article has been updated to reflect that MS15-045 is not the culprit in the end.

Microsoft today has finally fessed up and said that in fact KB3020369 is the culprit where after rebooting, Windows is stuck on the stage 3 of 3 updating screen or boots up completely but shows a blank startup screen with no logon option.

The “fix” is quite simple. Force the computer to shut down completely. Either try Ctrl-Alt-Del and select shutdown, press the power button or at worse force an abrupt shut down [chop the power].

Microsoft has also mentioned that updates installed immediately after this installation may fail after installing this update. If you repeat those failed updates, it will successfully install the updates.

[Update 2015/05/17:] Now there also may be issues related to hanging operating systems for updates KB3020370 and KB3045645. While they didn’t elaborate, the status in the KB for both have changed to Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the “Applies to” section. So don’t be too surprised… Now I have installed the two updates on three Windows 7 systems with no issues. So there could be some connection maybe with something on the system.

[Update 2015/05/18:] Seems security update MS15-044 also has an issue if using Windows 7 and prior. The KB says little except We are aware of this issue and will address it in the near future.


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