When a politician puts his foot in his mouth

Every once in a while you get a politician that likes to shove their foot in their mouth by making the dumbest comments. Every country has them.

In Canada, the federal government is governed by the Conservative party. Up until last week, their provincial counterparts governed Alberta.

Alberta was government by the Conservative party for 44 [yes 44!] straight year until Tuesday when the New Democratic Party [NDP] shockingly came from out of nowhere to take not just a majority, but a huge majority.

Alberta was one of maybe two or three provinces in Canada where the Conservatives could always count on the voters to bring them to power.

But they were stunned after the election. The NDP went from a distant third prior to the election to first. The Conservatives went the other way to drop to third place. Obviously the Conservative party leader resigned.

This is where the foot in the mouth comes in.

Federal Conservative minister Peter MacKay – not even elected in Alberta – munched on his foot by calling Alberta – Albertastan.

Now some use the stan ending of a state, province or country [well those not already have it in their name] to say that the region is a third-world region, run by dictators, idiots or whatever.

This because Albertans decided to jump away from the Conservative part and vote for the NDP.

His comments may now hurt the party in the next federal election in October. It could cost the party some votes and seats in Alberta [let alone in other areas of the country] and he could even lose his own seat [if I recall, he didn’t easily win his seat in the last election].

It hasn’t been the first time MacKay made comments he shouldn’t have.


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