Windows 10 to be released at the end of July

The AMD President & CEO let it slip that Windows 10 will go RTM at the end of July. I’m guessing July 28th as Tuesday is usually the traditional product release day for Microsoft.

This means, it will be in retail towards the end of August and most new systems released in time for the new school year could have it installed.

So this means that if your system qualifies, it can be upgraded for free until somewhere near the end of August or early September 2016.

[Microsoft uses the term RTM or “Released too Manufacturing” in reference to the good old days when a master CD image was sent to be duplicate millions of times. Now everything is on the Internet first. Even still it takes 6 to 9 weeks from RTM until you see it in stores or to buy online. OEMs such as Dell or HP are given enough time to create images for systems that will get it first.]


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