The nature of Microsoft updates

Right away, for April 2015, there are a stack of updates for Office 2010 users and the usual larger stack of updates for Office 2013 [I’ll get to that reason why shortly].

One thing that has been uncovered by a research company is [would you believe] a decade plus old vulnerability. Yes. You read it right. It’s been around since the 1990s according to a research company. The vulnerability came out in 1997.

Microsoft has confirmed the vulnerability but said it could be only vulnerability under certain strict conditions. But since it is unknown if this months patches includes a fix, they didn’t go into detail. But at least a fix is promised.

Well, at least it doesn’t seem to be as nasty as March or as buggy as February. So far.

But the bug affects other software from Microsoft as well as at least 30 other software developers from Adobe to Symantec to Oracle. Ouch.

Back to the Office 2013 updates. Microsoft had decided some point after service pack 1 for Office 2013, that there would be no more service packs for Office 2013. Instead monthly updates.

Now if you looked at last months updates, Office 2013 accounted for about 1 GB of 1.2 GB to download [if you downloaded individually and not through Windows Update]. Can you imagine this every month? Microsoft releases the updates by components. So one for Word, another for Excel, another for filters/converters. You get the idea.

Some months an update for [say Excel] isn’t included because there was nothing fixed but will probably be around for a future update. at least they are generally accumulated.

Interesting to note that Office 2010 doesn’t seem to have as many. [Office 2010 is in extended support and as such rarely gets any non-security updates.]


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