When is checking for updates useless

Driver updates. Unsure why some people seem to want to check whether they are current.

When you buy a new computer, most manufacturers include software that check their servers for any update that apply to your system.

The same goes for a peripheral that you may have bought [although sometimes it is just a firmware check].

These updaters check your system probably at least once a day. Problem is that software updates and firmware updates aren’t release that often.

On top of that if your system is probably at least 2 years old or more don’t expect any updates [for the system – not peripherals that are attached or hardware that you added/upgraded].

If you have a printer, for example, they may release an update but in some cases it is just to add additional support for other printers that use the same drivers.

The ones I really don’t trust are these third-party applications – especially if they are installed when you installed something else for the primary reason [i.e. you download a free applications and install it and during the install it ask (or maybe not) to install some driver checking software]. Really wonder if they aren’t just checking for updates….

Usually after a couple of years, it is time to remove even the one that came from the manufacturer for your computer.

If you prefer to manually update, you have to watch what you update. For example, one manufacturer only supports drivers on their web site. So the last drivers for my video card was something like 13.5. I tried to install 14.4 a while back and it butchered my system. [Still not 100% back to normal.] For whatever reason 14.4 [and later] would not detect my video card. [I never had this issue with another video card “platform”, so I’m thinking of going back to that other “platform” if a change arises.]


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