Who is Putin fooling?

This sound like all the hallmark of a dictator in trouble:

“The situation around our country will change for the better, but not because we will make concessions, bend down, or trifle with someone.”

No it isn’t Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, late Cuban President Fidel Castro or some other crackpot but Russian President Vladimir Poutine [sorry Putin, but I still like when the French Canadian press uses that word].

So let’s see what is happening in Russia. There is a huge drop in the barrel of oil. Oil is one of the biggest exports for Russian. While they do have other exports, like in Alberta, Canada, the drop in the barrel has hurt the economy.

But add to the economic problems is the freeze in assets of the wealthy from western countries because of the invasion [for a lack of better words] of the Ukraine. Also imports into Russia and export from Russia has dropped considerably to the point where Russia needs to sell military equipment to less desirable countries [Syria is rumored to be included] as well as Egypt [there sat on the fence between Russia and the west].

With the economic problems come increasing other issues. For example, while vodka is cheap still compared to the west, some ingredients need to be imported from the west. Because of the increased cost, the less fortunate are resorting to drink moonshine as well as some “drinks” that have known to be quite harmful. Many have died drinking the stuff.

As for Putin, he still has his Dachas. But he puts the blame on the west claiming “attempts at political isolation, economic pressure, large scale information war and instruments of special services” – whatever the last one means.

He also complained about NATO getting closer to Russia, US led missile defense program and the development of long range conventional weapons – as if Russia hasn’t developed any.

Finally, Putin claims that Russia exposed 52 foreign “intelligence” officers and 290 agents of theirs. [It is long known in diplomatic fights that one country throws out spies even though at least some are not. The tit for tat stuff.

Well good luck to him. Wonder what happens when we get close to the next presidential Russian election in 2018.


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