Computer Tip: How to modify or delete messages within Skype

If you are using the latest version of Skype [must be at least], there is a new feature – actually two – if you didn’t notice.

How many times have you sent something by Skype but regretted you sent it or maybe had typos or something?

With the latest feature[s], you can for the most part end those issues.

Note: This must be done within ONE hour of sending the message. You can’t change or delete the message after an hour has lapsed.

Note: Why you deleted the message, evidence on your side and the recipient’s side will state that the message has been deleted. You can’t remove that.


To edit/modify or delete a message sent [within the hour], scroll back to where you want to do it, highlight the line or message and then right click on the text while still highlighted.

You should see the image like below.


From there you can delete or modify.

If you delete, it will give a confirmation box.

If you want to modify, you will enter in the section/box where you normally type a message and when done, it will update your message.

Note: To see your version, click on the Help menu and then the About box.


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