Right to bear arms in Canada not like the US

You know when an election isn’t too far away in Canada when the Prime Minister [Stephen Harper] is already announcing what the opposition would do to something that his Conservatives party followers cherish.

For example, recently while visiting a rural area in western Canada he came out and said that those in rural Canada need firearms to protect themselves – since they are in areas where it may take time for the RCMP [since most rural areas use the RCMP instead of local police] to come to their rescue.

Problem is that, unlike in the United States where an amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, there is no such thing in Canada. In Canada, having a gun is not guaranteed.

The National Firearm Association [NFA] has said that it would push to make sure those in rural areas – and even urban areas – to have a gun to protect them.

The opposition parties will obviously push against any legislation that loosens laws regarding gun access and probably change the legislation once an elected government.

Legal experts have already stated that unless your life is in danger, you could be charged with murder [or similar charges] if you kill an intruder who isn’t armed. The NFA brushed this off as if it will never happen. They claim your house is your castle and you can do whatever you want on it.

The NFA is also pushing amendments to two bills [42 and 51] which would adjust gun legislation and anti-terrorism legislation. The NFA has stated that if changes aren’t made, they will sink the Conservative government so they won’t win the next election. They claim they did it in 1993 after then Prime Minister Kim Campbell came out with legislation they didn’t like.

Going back to the election rhetoric, Harper has already said that by not voting for his party, they would bring back the long gun registry [which was demolished a few years back after costing a reported billion dollars] as well as stiffer gun legislation.

You need to wonder that if Harper is already making these comments, maybe he thinks he may not win the next election. If you are ahead in an election you say what your party will do, if you are behind you say what the opposition will do [that’s bad].

It is not the first time Harper has made end of the world [or Canada] type comments if the opposition is elected. Won’t be the last.


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