Somethings is wrong – no patch issues this month

This week’s load of Microsoft updates was a hefty one. Depending on your system configuration, you could see in excess of 54 updates. Ouch.
Well, not completely true regarding no issues. One issue is with KB3033929 in MS15-025. Designed for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to add SHA-2 code signing support. A minority of users are reporting of infinite loops for Windows [i.e. constant restarting] after this update is installed. You may get error code 80004005.
Microsoft is investigating but according to the KB, it is usually related to a multi-boot loader [and not the stsndard Microsoft boot loader].
I have installed Windows 7 updates on a few systems with no issues. The only thing I noticed is that in a couple of systems where I did install the Tuesday updates, Windows did reboot twice after updating – once at the customary 30% and another one at 100%. [Note: I manually run my updates from a batch file.]
There is also another issue but less likely [at this time] to affect many. It seems there is an issue with MS15-027 and EMC Isilon OneFS storage systems. Ya. I know. Unlikely for almost everyone unless you are using enterprise storage.
The good thing about these batch of updates is that it also cleaned up issues that occurred from the previous month such as the Internet Explorer mess and fuzzy fonts in Vista.
Of note is that the FREAK vulnerability is also fixed – although not as serious as Windows’ Linux cousins.
As well, would you believe a Stuxnet fix. This vulnerability, which caused some havoc with the Iranian nuclear plants, was thought to be fixed in an October 2010 update, but IBM researchers noticed it wasn’t completely fixed


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