Does the world really need an Apple watch?

Apple is ready to unleash their watch on us. Question is whether anyone will buy this expensive gadget other than the fanbois and fangurls.
Seems they want to pack everything in a watch that has a screen probably under 1.5 inches wide when you could do the same thing on your phone – with a larger screen.
All the standard bells and whistles will be possible with the watch: Apple payments, health features, Emails, etc. But many of the features will require you to pair the watch with an iPhone [I didn’t hear which models of iPhones are supported].
Apple claims 18 hours per charge. But in most cases when the manufacturer gives you an amount, the actual usage life in a charge is maybe two-thirds. So it’s good for 12 hours. [Why two-thirds? Because manufacturers find the item with the best battery life and then tweak the hell out of it to get the maximum time. That means the least amount of applications or services running. Dim the display to save power. Set the CPU usage to the lowest speed. You get the idea.]
Need to call or listen to music? Must be paired with a watch. Personally less cumbersome if your headphones are on the side of your body than on your wrist [will get in the way].
You can maybe stretch the watch to 5 days but you really have to use it as a watch using reserve power mode.
Prices start around $400 US for the base model.
If you have loads of cash there is a gold edition for $10,000.


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