Was it an Email conspiracy?

A mini bruhaha is brewing in the US.

It seems undeclared Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was caught using a non-government server as secretary of state [and even now]. No she wasn’t using Hotmail but her own private server.

The Republicans [and others] have known this for two years. So why bring it up now? Some say because she is the leading candidate for the Democrats in the 2016 election.

What she did was legal according to legal experts but wasn’t quite the normal way of doing this. According to policies, any government official is required to CC a copy of any correspondence to a government Email address. Surely as Secretary of State she sent correspondences to other in her departments or others.

Also why is it that no one complained about this for the two years or more? After all, when you get an Email from someone, you can clearly see it is not a .gov Email address.

Clinton has addressed the issue by asking that all correspondence be released publically. The state department has said they have to comb through the thousands of Emails to verify there is nothing against national security, privacy issues, etc.

This Email controversy was around during the Benghazi embassy attack in 2013. So now that GOP run investigation is all related Emails that Clinton wants to make public. [You think they will come out with a final report after the election? Nah.]


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