Microsoft drops Windows RT – buyers beware

Microsoft has officially pulled probably the last tablet designed for Windows RT [made by Nokia which they bough that part].

If you remember [or maybe not], Windows RT debuted with Windows 8 but was not the OS that people expected. Unlike the Pro edition which could run Windows 8 [desktop and laptop] applications, Windows RT could not and relied on developers to build Windows RT based applications….. But they didn’t build many and the OS suffered.

With the latest preview build of Windows 10 released, Microsoft also killed off any future of Windows 8.

Microsoft said that they will release an update to Windows RT that will have some features of Windows 10 but they didn’t mention which. Outside of security updates and firmware, it would be the last update to be released for Windows RT.

The last of the Windows RT tablets are still in some stores. Expect the prices to drop, but be warned not to expect much support for them.


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