Will free Windows 10 upgrade benefit manufacturers?

It will be interesting to see the effect of Microsoft’s announcement that the free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will have a difference in sales of new laptops and desktops during that period.

What they may lose in that year, they may gain with the fact that Windows XP and Windows Vista users will be required to pay for the upgrade [some of the latter] or just buy a new system because their current system can’t hack it [most of the former, a bit of the latter].

But they are happy because [depending on how you interpret some of the current wording] the life of a Windows 10 is tied to the life of the hardware – or when the laptop or desktop dies, so does the license. This seems to include retail purchase or upgrade licenses. Previously the life of the license applied only to OEM licensing [i.e. you couldn’t take the OEM/manufacturer license and install it on completely different hardware].

Now, it won’t make a difference how you got the license. It dies when the computer dies.

Previously with a retail full license, you could transfer it from one computer to another to a third. This is especially important since Microsoft will continuously update the same version [once again depending on the interpretation of the announcement]. In essence, this is the last version of Windows.

[On a further note, previously Windows 7 users could not do a full upgrade to Windows 8.1. Only personal files were migrated. No Wonder if this has changed.]


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