Political announcements with staged people behind them

Is it just me or when there are election campaign style stops by politicians, that they decide to shove some people in the background but it looks so phony?

Recently Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was having a bit of a campaign announcement = even though there is no election for around 9 months.

In the background, you have a bunch of people – male and female, young and old, different races – behind him. The one thing you noticed was that each person was seen crossing their hands in front of them.

It looks so staged – and Harper seems to know how to do this well.

Seems every politician [of importance] do this. What does it show? No idea. I think people are interested in an announcement and could care less about the people behind the politician.

[Oh one thing that Harper has learned from former US Democrat President Bill Clinton is that he loves food. If you compared what he looks like when he got elected almost 10 years ago to now, he has put on weight. He can’t complain that it is related to his job. You don’t see Obama gaining the weight. Does Harper sneak out for McDonald’s?]


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