The Interview or not The Interview

[The title is a take on To Be or Not To Be.]

Well, Sony surprised a few after the backlash first by announcing a couple of small chains [last I checked] would show the movie The Interview. Then it was announced that the movie would be available to watch [but pay for] on various outlets in the US including YouTube, PlayStation, XBox and others.

So now, it has been released. What are people thinking.

The popular IMDB web site started with 9.8/10 for reviews and has since dropped to 8.8/10 which is still very good. I’m wondering if some Americans are doing their “patriotic duty” and giving the movie a 10/10.

Those who had a hand in the movie such as James Franco and Seth Rogen, of course, are giving it thumbs up, hyping it, etc. Sony has three PR firms helping them as well.

But I’m not sure if they can help the film. Most have given it an average rating. Some gave it above average. Some tanked it [no one stars though].

So I started to watch it. Unsure about you, but I could never get into any comedy that had Seth Rogen – even if he is Canadian.

Yes it is a comedy. It is supposed to be funny, but I don’t. I’ve seen some of the best comedies out there [just about any Monty Python movie, Blazing Saddles, MASH, Animal House, …] and this isn’t comedy. More like a movie infested with dumb jokes – usually half to do with someones anatomy parts.

I do have to admit that I stopped watching at about 45 minutes [almost half way] and it was 45 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

And stressing while it is a comedy [or supposed to be one], I stopped watching right after we have Seth Rogen’s character in the middle of a field trying to retrieve an object that was sent in by the CIA meanwhile have to fend off a tiger. What is a tiger doing there? No fences? Nobody noticed this object falling? The North Korean military couldn’t detect some type of rocket propelled object over their land? Where is the security – especially after Rogen’s character screeches in the middle of the field.

Why does he screech? Well, to hide the object that he retrieved [thicker than a corn dog] in a place where he wouldn’t be searched. You guessed it and I won’t say where.

The object bonked and killed the tiger in the head. Aside from a PETA issue [I’m sure they’ll complain], would security investigate how the tiger’s head has this huge hole in it?

Yes I know it’s a comedy.

I missed the parts where the Kim Jong Un character does whatever he does in the movie that caused the real one to p?ss him off.

President Obama was one of the many who were roasting Sony for refusing to show the movie. So I am wondering if Sony sent him the movie and whether he watched it. Or more like me, he saw the first part of the movie and then turned it off thinking how he just wasted part of his life.


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