Computer Tip: How to stop Skype from updating automatically

If you are like me and you dislike the new interface in Skype for Windows desktop 6.22, and you can find a copy of the full Skype 6.21 installation then you can downgrade. [But Skype may still complain that there is a new version every time you open Skype even with updating turned off. Annoying.]

This is what you do to stick with Skype 6.21:

Get a full copy of Skype 6.21 [or even 6.20 if you wish]. The size is about 35MB. If you download a copy and it’s about 43MB, then you downloaded 6.22.

Before uninstalling Skype 6.22, stop Skype from automatically updating by going into the Tools menu, then Options. Click on Advanced [on the left side] and the Automatic Updates and turn off the updating on the right. [Interesting that Skype remembers your settings when you uninstall.]

Uninstall Skype 6.22 via Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

Install Skype 6.21. I uncheck the Bing stuff and the Click to Call during the installation. Notice your settings are kept.

Now to make sure it doesn’t check for an update in other ways, you need to set the Skype Updater service to manual [usually it is automatic]. For this you need to know how to turn off a service and you need to be more technical. An alternative would be to block in your computer’s firewall – but you still need to be technical.

If some how you keep on getting the message that Skype is ready to be upgraded but you are 100% sure you turned off the automatic updating, then a copy of the installation has already been downloaded to your profile’s temporary folder. By deleting the files inside the temp folder [Disk Cleanup in Accessories can help], it should clear the problem. You can find the temp folder at C:\Users\___\AppData\Local\Temp [replacing the underscores with your actual profile name].


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