The web browser war ended…

… long ago.

Finally after 5 years, Microsoft can official ditch the dumb browser menu enforced on them in Europe by the European Commission.

If you remember, in 2009, the EC decided that Internet Explorer had too much of a monopoly and wanted to level the playing field. So they told Microsoft to have a menu so that users can choose the web browser they want or they can’t sell Windows in Europe.

Quietly this week, Microsoft released a knowledgebase article which shows how to disable the update. New systems [at this time it only applies to Windows 7] will not receive the update.

This was always a joke. Windows users in Europe had this stupid menu to choose a browser – as if most don’t already know what browser they wanted and where to find it.

So why is it that OS X users didn’t have a menu system to choose another browser besides Safari [who wouldn’t choose another browser?] or even Linux distributions with a choice as well?

It was just as dumb when European Windows users couldn’t have Windows Media Player with Windows.

This plus recent decisions show that the EC just don’t know what they are doing.

Now the talk of Google splitting has a similar feel because Google has a large majority in both search and ad engines and the two combined is not a good thing to be king.

While Internet Explorer still has the lead on laptops and desktops, Google’s Chrome browser has the overall lead if you add devices such as tablets and smartphones to the mix.


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