Sony breach will end messy

I’m wondering if we will ever find out who actually got into Sony’s network.

A group called the Guardians of Peace [GOP] claimed that they were responsible. Prior to this huge hack, nobody heard of them [at least not publically].

A bit of a strange name for a group – an oxymoron – considering this same group hacked into the network to cause so much damage – not only to Sony but current and past employees – but then to threaten the New York premier of the movie The Interview that some claimed started this because the North Koreans were offended by the movie.

In the movie, Seth Rogen and James Franco star as television journalists involved in a CIA plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Speculation about a North Korean link to the Sony hacking has centered on that country’s angry denunciation of the film. Over the summer, North Korea warned that the film’s release would be an “act of war that we will never tolerate.” It said the U.S. will face “merciless” retaliation.

Lawsuits against Sony are starting to pile up. Two former employees are claiming that Sony took too long to notify ex-employees that data such as medical records, salaries and personal information was leaked. The two are claiming that they have already been contacted by individuals trying to scam them. Others are complaining about the network security.

Already leaked as something like 5 finished movies, thousands of Emails [some making unflattering remarks about various people in the business, release schedules, movie costs, casting decisions, royalties, unreleased new products, etc.], scripts [like the next James Bond movie SPECTRE which just went into filming].

The name GOP itself is a bit odd. It’s like North Korea’s actual name: People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. There isn’t anything democratic there.

As for whether North Korea was involved, who knows. Except at the government level, few North Koreans have the technology or bandwidth or even access to the Internet outside of North Korea. If not them, it could be some North Korean sympathizers or maybe just some group taking this movie issue to their advantage.

The movie itself is losing premiers and already one US chain has pulled it. It was supposed to open Christmas Day but the way it look, it may not even open up in many cinemas in the US [or elsewhere] and could end up in a direct to video option. Even that could cause problems as these GOP crackpots may disrupt sales there as well.


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