CIA under the microscope

The US is under the microscope this week as the senate [well from the Democrats] released a report detailing the abuses of the CIA in the torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba [a.k.a. Gitmo] and elsewhere.

The Gitmo prison was creating following the 9/11 attacks on the US by the government of George W. Bush to detain suspected [yes – not even tried] terrorists. The Republican government didn’t want foreign terrorists on their soil.

The total count of those held without trial at Gitmo is in the 800 range with 136 remaining. Of those, about 65 of them are considered “low value” detainees.

President Obama signed an executive order in 2009 to close the prison, but it won’t be closed for a while.

The Republicans blocked any trial of the accused at Gitmo from coming to the US as well as blocked to build a prison on US soil to move the detainees out of Gitmo as Obama wanted to. They don’t want the detainees to be released as some may resume their activities against the US. A report says about 17% of those released have returned to their previous job as terrorists.

Seems many of the remaining detainees are not wanted by their native country or others – effectively stateless. Uruguay took a small batch recently – a country that has about 300 Muslims.

It is not surprising that former Vice President Dick Chaney and others in the administration either defended their actions or decided that the accusations against the CIA are false. The Republicans in the senate even released their own [albeit shorter] report claiming the Democrat report had major holes in it like Swiss cheese.

Chaney, someone with a less than stellar history in office, called the report “full of crap”. Chaney went on to say what the CIA did was necessary after the 9/11 attacks and those who carried them did their duty.

What the Republicans are saying is that by doing what the CIA did, they could have saved thousands of lives [but with little to show how they came to that amount] and that the report was full of errors or interpretations.

The report cited the CIA’s own records, documenting in detail how waterboarding, sleep depravity, lack of heat, and lesser-known techniques such as “rectal feeding” were actually employed.

Delays occurred in writing the report as some CIA employees delayed in handing over documents – I suspect this could be subject to criminal prosecution in the future. The report cost $40 million to produce the 500 page document.

A UN special investigator demanded those responsible for “systematic crimes” be brought to justice, and human rights groups pushed for the arrest of key CIA and Bush administration figures if they travel overseas.


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