More update issues for Microsoft

Seems that the latter half of the year will be known as the 6 months where Microsoft’s quality control went down the tubes.

Seems that just about every month there have been issues.

December is no exception.

KB3008923 for Internet Explorer 9 causes crashing.

KB3004394 in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 is causing problems from MMS access. In addition it causes problems with Oracle’s VM VirtualBox and installing Microsoft updates. This is part of the root certificate program.

KB3002339 a non-security update for Visual studio 2012 won’t install by Windows Update but is fine if you manually install.

Silverlight update plays havoc with applications. This causes issue with Netflix [shocking!]. If you can uninstall go here.

KB2553154 causes problems with ActiveX controls and macros in Excel and Word. To fix the issue [not guaranteed], delete the following [and similar]: C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\MSForms.exd, C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\VBE\MSForms.exd, and C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\Word8.0\MSForms.exd. [Although you can really clean out anything in that folder that isn’t in use.]

Finally more Exchange problems. This time Outlook clients accessing Exchange 2010 SP3 after update 8 is installed.

[Update 2014/12/11:] Microsoft has release a very tiny update to correct the issues with KB3004394. It is available as KB3024777. This update will actually remove the update if you can’t through Programs and Features.


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