Welcome to Black Friday – or maybe week if not month

Well, depending on where you are in the world, this week includes the US thanksgiving holiday. And as part of a recent “tradition” [read: in some cases, time to dump old stock!], Black Friday on Friday and the more recent Cyber Monday next Monday [December 1st]. It is the official kickoff of the shopping for gifts for Christmas [and I guess Channukah and others].

I’ve been a part of the online Cyber Monday for a while.

But really things have blurred as online [and in store] sales advertising Black Friday [or Cyber Monday] prices – or so they claim – for a number of weeks already.

The bigger question is whether or not some deals are actually deals or have already been marked down. Even still, are the regular prices over-inflated to begin with.

Here’s an example. A typical audio CD [not a special edition, or import or what have you] sells for about $12-$14 in most cases. The suggested retail price is probably in the $20 range. So if you see a CD at $10 with a 60% off sticker, you know the suggested price is inflated.

What I use to do way back when on Boxing Day [here in Canada] is “case” the local major CD/DVD store [there wasn’t any Blu-rays at the time], made a [mental] note because on Boxing Day [or the day after] when they had the big sales, I could figure out if there was anything really on special. Often enough something was [let’s say] $20 now and on Boxing Day it was $25 or $30 and then discounted to maybe $18.

Over the years this store [as part of a large Canadian chain] has seen stores closed. Their promotions [and not just on Boxing Day] weren’t competitive. They came in early for online shopping but just as online shopping was taking off, they killed the online shopping. Go figure.

So, if you are doing some shopping, do some homework prior to make sure what you are getting is an actual sale price.

PS – Like Canadians are getting into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday of late, Americans are starting to have their own Boxing Day sales – a tradition actually started by the British. Another time to sell good stuff as well as some older stuff.


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