Doing some cleaning up

Note: This post is geared towards IT professionals.

When trying to see where your disk space has gone to on your system drive in Windows Vista or later [and the server equivalent], you may want to look at the following locations:

  • C:\Users\accountname\
  • C:\Users\Administrator\
  • C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\
  • C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\

Where accountname is your account [as Administrator] or maybe others.

Note: You must unprotect the system files that are hidden in the folder to see them.

For the first two, you may see a lot of the following:

  • NTUSER.DAT{randomness}.TMContainer’0000 randomness’.regtrans-ms
  • NTUSER.DAT{randomness}.TM.blf

For the last two, you will see something like:

  • UsrClass.dat{randomness}.TMContainer’0000 randomness’.regtrans-ms
  • UsrClass.dat{randomness}.TM.blf

Analyzing them. Once done, any of these .blf or .regtrans-ms files that were created prior to the last system boot can probably be safely deleted. There’s no way they will be written to the registry, so they’re junk.

If you see many files ending with the .DAT extension. If so, check the event logs to see if anything out of the ordinary is going on. If so, investigate. If not, you can probably safely delete anything prior to the last reboot.

Note: Prior to doing any deleting, you should do a proper backup – just in case.


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