When a roll-up is not a service pack

Microsoft had some issues with updates this past month. Among them is a security update to fix Schannel issues.

Note: Schannel, [or Secure Channel] is a security support provider [SSP] that contains a set of security protocols that provide identity authentication and secure, private communication through encryption.

Initially [I suspect] Microsoft decided to include some enhancements to Schannel. Enhancements are generally included in a separate non-security update. This seemed to backfire as the original update was replaced on November 18th for servers only.

At the same time, Microsoft released KB3000850 for Windows 8.1 [and Windows Server 2012 R2] which included an update of just over 700MB [64-bit version] – 60 updates in the package. An update for Schannel is included.

If you think about it, the 64-bit update is larger than the original Windows XP [or Windows Server 2003] installation as well as bigger than any of the service packs for Windows Vista or Windows 7 [or their server counterparts].


And Microsoft still classifies this as a “roll-up”. [Actually, since it doesn’t include all updates since Windows 8.1 Update, I guess that would be the reason.]


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