When supports ends prematurely

Over the past little while, I’ve been having problems with my AMD/ATI GPU on my home computer. At one point I tried to update to the latest drivers.

As it is a major version upgrade, it was suggested to uninstall the drivers completely and then install the latest.

So I followed what they recommended.

Well, let’s just say I never installed the latest drivers.

In fact, even the original drivers are a bit unstable. Seems that something went wrong and every once in a while, if I use Internet Explorer, it craps out because it is accessing an AMD/ATI DLL it doesn’t like – for whatever reason. The version and dating of the file is fine [compared to the other GPU related DLLs].

On top of that, every once in a while, after a normal shutdown, the next time I boot up I end up in VGA mode and the device manager tells me there is an issue with the drivers. Only thing I found to fix that is using a restore point.

If I try installing the latest drivers after removing the old ones, it doesn’t detect my GPU card at all.

I went to the AMD forums and basically got nowhere. Someone has a similar issue with a different GPU.

A couple of days ago, I went to AMD’s support and had a chat. The guy was a bit helpful but not too much. Seemed to avoid some questions. In the end suggested reseat the card. Usually a long shot.

But the guy also told me that they only support the drivers listed on the company’s website [which was Catalyst 13.152 or something like that] instead of the latest which is 14.9.

Hmmm. That isn’t good.

I guess they’re trying to reduce support costs by not supporting anything more recent. I’m sure if I had an issue with the latest drivers, they wouldn’t support me. The GPU came out maybe a year ago.


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