What to do with those that go off to fight [against us]

In case you missed it, recently two attacks against the Canadian government happened within days of each other.

The first one didn’t get much coverage. A man described as a radicalized Islam convert, rammed his vehicle into another vehicle that had two Canadian soldiers inside. One of them died. There was some media coverage outside of Canada but nothing huge.

But two days later, when another Islamic convert, killed someone standing on guard at a war memorial before heading into Canada’s Parliament buildings in Ottawa – shooting up Parliament before he was killed by the Sergeant-at-Arms [can be described as the head of security for Parliament]. Then everyone took notice – worldwide.

In both cases, the Canadian government had revoked their passports because both intended on traveling to the Middle East most likely to fight for Islamic State. [In both cases, they also had previous run ins with the law such as drug use, robbery, uttering threats, etc.]

So the question is if the policy of revoking passports for these alleged terrorists is wise to do while they are in the country?

They were monitored by the Canadian government for suspicions of doing something illegal but had no definite proof. But the government was allowed to revoke their passport. So they can’t leave the country.

Wouldn’t of it been better if these two [plus about 90 others who have had their passport revoked] be allowed to leave the country and then have their passport revoked once they landed [and went through customs] at their destination?

We don’t need them. Let them go. We don’t want them back.

If they would have left these two incidents probably wouldn’t of happened.

Now there are maybe 90 others who can’t fight with the Islamic State who may decide instead to attack targets in Canada.

Meanwhile, the government over the year has reduced the budget for the security of Parliament. The gunman got into the building without much of a fuss. This, again, could have been avoided if proper security was used. They say the building has too many entrances. Obviously, something like metal detectors, closed circuit television cameras and more security is required.


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