Bending copyright laws to suit their purposes

You have to wonder about the government of Canada with the Conservative party in control. Over the past couple of elections or so, they have been copying the US parties with what’s known as attack ads.

Attack ads are created by a party aimed usually at another individual in another party [usually the leader or closest rival]. The ad would go after the politician for his/her indecisiveness in various topics, over-spending, issues in the past, etc.

In the case of the Conservative party, they went after newly minted leader of the Liberal party [who are in third place]. I suspect they ignored the New Democratic Party because they are expected to drop in third place in the next election called for in 2015.

Why go after the new Liberal party leader, Justin Trudeau? He comes from a bit of political royalty as a son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

They wasted no time with Trudeau. Not even a day went by when the Conservatives attached him in the ad. It shows Trudeau acting a bit like an idiot, taking off his shirt. The captions saying something like would you want this guy as the next Prime Minister?

In fact, some of quotes in the video was taken out of context and without permission by who ever took the video. Part of the video was taken a number of years prior at a charity where they were auctioning off bachelors and the quote in 1999 was taken when he wasn’t even in politics [and under 30 years old].

Let’s just say the Conservative party were red-faced. They tried other attack ads and they were either out of context or didn’t do any damage to Trudeau.

Fast forward to this week. The Conservative party decided to package a bunch of small changes to laws and a few minor changes into an omnibus bill where instead of wasting time on debating and voting for dozens of small bills, the parties would do a single debate and a single vote.

Tucked away into this 250+ page bill was a new law which would allow political parties access to any video they choose without paying for using the video or even giving credit. The changes would mandate the broadcast or publication of the political ads, even if their own content was used in a negative context.

In a sense they are throwing out part of the current [but out of date] copyright law.

Just about every group out there including broadcasters and the opposition parties are outraged at this [even though the opposition parties could use it to their advantage].

The Conservatives are probably doing this because of the election in about a year.


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