More types of discrimination? I doubt it.

In case you missed the story that came out this past week, a petition was created by a woman in Edmonton, Canada to make it illegal to discriminate based on tattoos or piercings.

Yup. You read that right.

She was complaining – I’m assuming here – because she has either tattoos or piercings or both and was denied a job or something like that.

She wants it to have the same legal standing as say sexual orientation, religion or skin color.

Well, let us check on this. All the anti-discrimination practices are for things that can’t be changed – in most cases you are born with it [such as skin color]. You theoretically can change your sexual orientation or religion but most wouldn’t do that to get a job.

When it comes to tattoos or piercings, these were put on as a choice by the individual. Piercings can easily be removed [holes may take time to close].

Tattoos are a bit harder to remove. But in most cases tattoos can be covered up. I know of one guy who had tattoos from his shoulder [at least] down to his wrists on both arms. He was hired at the job but was told to wear a long sleeve shirt when on the premises [must be fun on a very hot day!].

There are probably a few exceptions where tattoos or piercings may be part of a religion but in North America, that’s probably less likely.

But if you see someone walking down the street [with skulls or axes or a nasty looking snake], would you want to see that person serving you at the cash register at a store?

I can also guarantee you that the majority of people prefer dealing with someone without tattoos [piercing doesn’t have the same bad vibe, I think].


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4 Responses to More types of discrimination? I doubt it.

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  2. More Than Tattoos is a campaign designed to try and shift the stereotypes associated with tattoos and the discrimination that causes, and encourage people and employers that even though someone may be tattooed, they are also ‘more than tattoos’.

    I do agree with you that racism and other forms of discrimination may be a much bigger and deeper issue, but I don’t think you can just dismiss tattoo discrimination as you seem to do in this post.

    I have written a post about how people have lost jobs they already had because they got a tattoo when their colleagues also had tattoos/piercings that were much more visible. You can read it here:
    It would be great if you gave us a comment with your opinion upon reading that.

    • its not discrimination when its a company policy just because its not illegal does not make it Right!!!.Different company different clientele they want to have and a certain degree of Class they want to Portray!!!.Just like Cops having to Put on Sleeves…..

    • ebraiter says:

      In the end it is up to the hiring manager [and if the company has any rules regarding tattoos and piercings. It would be up to the applicant to prove he/she was discriminated. If the hiring manager made a comment, that is one thing. But if not, nothing can be done. But is this discrimination or just a preference. After all, if you have to deal with clients in person, they may not appreciate someone with tattoos or piercings and it will affect your business. If someone lost their job because of tattoos and piercings and yet others work at a place that has them, then it isn’t discrimination.

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