What’s in the next server version of Windows

At the same time of releasing Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft also released a technical preview for the next version of Windows Server – most likely Windows Server 2015.

Changes to the Windows Server version of Windows 10 include:

  • More features for PowerShell version 5 including built in ZIP archive features.
  • The tiles are not used anymore. [Hurray!]
  • A new role, called Network Controller, which is a central point of configuration and monitoring for both physical and virtual networks, intended to work with System Center or other network management tools.
  • Another newcomer is Multipoint Services, which lets multiple users run lightweight remote sessions. Multipoint Server was previously a separate product.
  • Hyper-V virtualization is improved, with hot add and remove of network adapters and memory, provided you use Generation 2 virtual machines; these are VMs from which legacy PC emulation has been removed, improving performance at the expense of compatibility. You can also enable Secure Boot for selected Linux distributions as well as Windows Server.
  • The new Hyper-V manager can now manage down-level VMs, as far back as Windows Server 2012, removing an annoyance with the current tool.
  • Network Access Protection, a feature for protecting the network by preventing clients that are out of date or malware infected from connecting, has been removed from the new Windows server.
  • In storage, a new feature called Storage Replica does block-level replication between servers, to support both disaster recovery and high availability.
  • Windows Defender, the free Microsoft anti-malware feature, now comes to Windows Server for the first time.



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