Apple making it really easy for some

As per the biography released about Steve Jobs a few years back, Jobs reasoning for reducing the number of features that can be modified [or upgraded] was to curb support costs. After all it is easier to support 4 products than 40.

The same could be said on the software side. He wanted the operating system to be the simplest to use. So anyone from a young kid to a senior citizen could use it quite easily.

Of course for some of those who are more technical, they aren’t thrilled with the limitations.

[Adding to the fact that you can’t officially change batteries in Apple products and in the case of some laptops, you can’t change the hard [or SDD] disk or memory because they are soldered down.]

This brings us to the Apple’s announcement of the iPhone and Watch last week. Towards the last portion of the presentation, CEO Tim Cook brought in the band U2 to do some promoting and to do a short set of songs. They also announced that the first 500 million [you read right] iTunes subscribers will get a free copy of U2’s next album that will be released in 5 weeks from now [but iTunes get it as an exclusive until it gets to the stores].

What miffed some was that the album [11 tracks] were automatically added to current subscribers without approval.

Now I am not an Apple expert, but if Jobs wanted things to be done easily, removing the album [assuming U2 isn’t your cup of tea] should be quite easy.

Instead Apple decided to release a “tool” that with what is described as a one click removed the album, instead of the few steps it would take to do it manually. [Maybe Bono’s voice should come on after the album is removed from the library with him saying: “I am not happy with your decision but Tim Cook forced me to do this.”]

Actually if you go to the removal link, you will notice it’s more than a click.

To date about 33 million copies have been used. When release in retail stores, the same tracks will be available on CD or other digital media formats. In addition there will be a “deluxe” edition with more tracks released on CD and probably on iTunes. This is just the beginning of Apple’s partnership with U2 that includes an upcoming ad campaign rumored to cost $100 million.

Oddly, if a reported 33 million have received a copy from their library, why did they bother with 500 million copies? I don’t think they have 500 million iTunes customers.

[Sometimes I wonder why the likes of Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears weren’t hired to promote Apple products. After all they don’t seem to possess a decent IQ. “Like look. If we can do it, then, like, so can you do it.” Or maybe Tom Hanks to reprise his role as Forest Gump – after all Gump had shares in the company.]


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