Debate about only healthy food on campus

You’ve heard the stories going around that some college or university has decided to ditch less than healthy food such as fries and soft drinks [i.e. Coke, Pepsi, … ] in favor of a more healthy food.

We’ve had a couple cases locally.

In one case a college decided to ditch fries, soft drinks and even bottled water [bad for the environment even though the bottles cans with recycled] in favor of healthier food. The college claimed to have lost $40,000 a year in profits made from the sales.

The vending machines on campus are color coded. One color for items that you can eat quite often, another color for items that are not as healthy and the third color for items that you should rarely eat [such as chips and chocolate bars – comfort food for some].

In another case, a university has ditched the non-healthy food. Even the only Tim Horton’s on campus has been closed down [in comparison, a university on a university campus in Ontario has 14 Tim Horton’s].

This brings us to the following question: Is barring unhealthy food actually helping things?

In the case of both schools [and probably the same for most schools across North America], they are located in towns or large cities. If you walk a block [or less] off the campus, you will find plenty of unhealthy restaurants serving pizza, burgers, fries, and the artery killer poutine but also healthy restaurants.

So exactly who is it helping?

Maybe those restaurants off campus. After all, if the students can’t buy a burger on campus, they’ll go off campus. So those restaurants will need to hire more staff during weekday hours.


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