Food bank rejecting food

Go figure. Depending on where you are, you may have heard about an Ottawa (Canada) food bank refusing food.

While many food banks are happy to see donated food come in as they have shortages, this food bank was rejecting food.

Ok. We can say for sure all food banks would reject any food that has expired, broken packaging, etc.

Well, this food bank decided to exclude what the food bank coordinator called unhealthy food. She is rejecting items like Kraft Dinner, canned stew, chips, soft drinks, candy, etc.

She wants those who get the food to eat healthy food.

While some clients of the food bank agree with the policy, others as well as those commenting online don’t seem to agree.

Some have suggested that she would technically be starving some people because they wouldn’t be getting the amount of food the bank would normally get. Some also suggest she should be fired.

So is it better to starve people or at least let them have some food? Some food is better than no food.

Additionally, it is not wrong to have some of this food as long as it isn’t all the time.

Of interest to note is that the woman herself doesn’t look so healthy herself. She doesn’t seem pregnant but she has a waste that isn’t thin.


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