Unethical politics

Picture this scene:

A federal politician walking into a mosque in his own riding, shaking hands, chatting with people, etc. The things most politicians do in their riding.

Except this is Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau – before he was the leader of the party.

Fast forward to this week. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney put out an odd press release accusing the Liberal party leader of associating “with a group that allegedly radicalizes Canadians to join Al-Qaida and engage in acts of unspeakable violent extremism.” The Prime Minister’s office echoed similar remarks.

Blaney, in a press release, accused the Liberal leader of “pandering for votes amongst religious extremists in our own communities.”

A leaked U.S. Department of Defense document from 2008 claims that the mosque in the Montreal riding of Papineau is an al-Qaida training centre.

Trudeau visited the mosque prior to the report that became public from the New York Time in 2011.

The news report linking Trudeau to the mosque came from Sun News, a news media organization known for its pro-Conservative government leanings. That report failed to mention that Trudeau visited the mosque before the report came out.

This brings up a few questions.

Would we be hearing this if it wasn’t Trudeau – the biggest threat the Conservative government has had to keep running a government after next year’s election? Since taking over as leader, the Liberal party’s popularity has increased quite a bit while Stephen Harper’s popularity as well as his government’s popularity has declined.

If they are going to do this association maybe they’ll find other unpopular associations. Maybe someone will find out that Trudeau had a friend in university who was later arrested for being a pedophile. Will they then claim that Trudeau is a pedophile as well?

This isn’t the first time the Conservative party has released press releases claiming something without including all the facts.


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