Another Microsoft blunder

Here’s what I would call a bit of a blunder by Microsoft. Just 3 months after the end of support of Windows XP, Microsoft decided to update the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit [EMET] to version 5.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, EMET is an application that can help secure Windows XP. A reminder that about 25% of the computer population is still using Windows XP.

I sent off a message to Tim Rains, Director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft. He was the one that announced it in the TechNet blogs. Never received a reply.

[If you are a Windows XP user, maybe leave him a comment as well.]

Part of the reason why I complained is that Microsoft went against their own rules when they released a security update for Internet Explorer in Windows XP after the support for Windows XP died.

If they can release a security update why not release this to include Windows XP?

[Note: It is Microsoft’s policy not to release any updates for a product that is out of support – unless you have a contract with Microsoft to extend the support which costs in excess of $100,000.]

I am not saying that EMET should be continued to be supported on Windows XP, but at least this last update.

Here is my original blog on EMET 4.1.



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